ACME errors.

exception acme.errors.Error[source]

Bases: Exception

Generic ACME error.

exception acme.errors.DependencyError[source]

Bases: acme.errors.Error

Dependency error

exception acme.errors.SchemaValidationError[source]

Bases: josepy.errors.DeserializationError

JSON schema ACME object validation error.

exception acme.errors.ClientError[source]

Bases: acme.errors.Error

Network error.

exception acme.errors.UnexpectedUpdate[source]

Bases: acme.errors.ClientError

Unexpected update error.

exception acme.errors.NonceError[source]

Bases: acme.errors.ClientError

Server response nonce error.

exception acme.errors.BadNonce(nonce, error, *args)[source]

Bases: acme.errors.NonceError

Bad nonce error.

exception acme.errors.MissingNonce(response, *args)[source]

Bases: acme.errors.NonceError

Missing nonce error.

According to the specification an “ACME server MUST include an Replay-Nonce header field in each successful response to a POST it provides to a client (…)”.

Variables:response (requests.Response) – HTTP Response
exception acme.errors.PollError(exhausted, updated)[source]

Bases: acme.errors.ClientError

Generic error when polling for authorization fails.

This might be caused by either timeout (exhausted will be non-empty) or by some authorization being invalid.


Was the error caused by timeout?

exception acme.errors.ValidationError(failed_authzrs)[source]

Bases: acme.errors.Error

Error for authorization failures. Contains a list of authorization resources, each of which is invalid and should have an error field.

exception acme.errors.TimeoutError[source]

Bases: acme.errors.Error

Error for when polling an authorization or an order times out.

exception acme.errors.IssuanceError(error)[source]

Bases: acme.errors.Error

Error sent by the server after requesting issuance of a certificate.

exception acme.errors.ConflictError(location)[source]

Bases: acme.errors.ClientError

Error for when the server returns a 409 (Conflict) HTTP status.

In the version of ACME implemented by Boulder, this is used to find an account if you only have the private key, but don’t know the account URL.

Also used in V2 of the ACME client for the same purpose.

exception acme.errors.WildcardUnsupportedError[source]

Bases: acme.errors.Error

Error for when a wildcard is requested but is unsupported by ACME CA.